Staying Afloat Through Changing Tides

Sophia Alas, Journalist

With the bar  set high this year, Ripon High girls’ water polo team is working harder than ever to dominate this year’s season. With roughly 14 hours of practice every week, these girls are giving it all they’ve got to be the best they can be. Molly Burton, a sophomore on the team tells us that the team definitely plans to come back much better than last year and hopefully win league, as well as go to playoffs.

In regards to their scrimmage against Kimball High School, Burton said,  “I have a pretty good outlook because I saw a lot from the girls that I didn’t see last year, and that I didn’t expect to happen on our first few games together. I am very excited.” she said. Molly also tells us that many of the girls on the team had gone to play for a Junior Olympics club over the summer, which has significantly improved their skills and gave them a lot to bring to the table for this year’s season.

The girls’ water polo team for Ripon High is also the biggest team the school has had in history. The team lost two very good starters, RHS alumni Chloe Winter and Mallory Brubaker.  When asked if this would hurt the team, Burton said, “I don’t think so, they were both really good, but the team has improved a lot over the summer.