Tasteful Memories

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Tasteful Memories

Sophia Taylor, Journalist

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With each year that we grow older, our childhood gets further and further away. However, there are certain pieces of it that we are always going to remember, for one reason or another. For some people, it’s a specific food that sticks in their mind.
For freshman Avery Redula, it was Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies. These pink and white treats, which have been produced since 1914, have been imprinted in the memories of children everywhere.
“I remember specifically the pink and white animal cookies because it would be an after school snack of mine,” Redula said.
Another childhood snack that will always be remembered, and many people still eat now, is hot Cheetos. For AP Human Geography and World Geography teacher Robert Mayfield, this food has been around since he was a kid.
“Hot Cheetos were by far my favorite childhood snack. I was introduced to them in fifth grade, all the kids at my elementary school called them ‘“flameys,”’ Mayfield said, “…I’ve always loved spicy foods so they were my processed snack food of choice.”
Some kids, however, preferred less spice in their childhood snacks. Francine Pamplona, a freshman at Ripon High, will never forget Betty Crocker’s Tattooed Fruit Roll Ups. This snack is printed with temporary tattoos, to make the original treat even more enticing to young children.
“For me, it’s the fruit roll ups with tattoos on them because I specifically remember trying to get those tattoos on them every time without messing up,” Pamplona stated.
Everyone loves different food for different reasons, but to some people, food can serve as a reminder of our childhood. In the end, food really does fix everything.