Tight Competition for Future ASB Representatives

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This years group of ASB aplicates went all out in their campaigns and speeches. It was a tough race, no one was singled out as a for sure winner. Throughout campus, the school saw out of the box posters, and got bribes of food left and right. With labeled lollipops, to homemade brownies, everyone made themselves memorable to the student body, hoping to secure a vote.

The runners for office positions include; Maria Soto, Carmen Simon, and Natalie Betoshana for president, Nicole Nguyen, Brendan Lan, and Caryssa McKeon for vice president, Gianna Brocchini for administrative board member, Kate Villegas, and Even Johnson for administrative coordinator, And Katelyn Cardoza, Royse Kinsey, Laila Iroguyen, and Gianna Welsh running for rally commissioners.

Each speech on Thursday and Friday gave the student body an entertaining rally, and a new image of the candidates. Some of the candidates made t-shirts, and videos to promote themselves. Nicole Nguyen, Brendan Lan, and Carmen Simon all made promotional videos to get their names and faces out there.

“I made a campaign video including all of the sports teams practicing. This kind of demonstrated my involvement throughout the school and what I was willing to do to become more involved,” sophomore Nicole Nguyen stated.

All of the candidates wanted to make the leadership class better, and unite the student body more. The juniors wanted to help make their senior year the most memorable to them, by using their leadership to raise morale and spirit throughout campus.

I wanted to be ASB president because I wanted to make my senior year so memorable with the people I love the most, because it will be our last year together”

— Carmen Simon

,” junior Carmen Simon stated.

The candidates for this years ASB elections were all qualified for their role, though some fell short and didn’t win, they all had the same hopes for the leadership program. The people chosen by the student body are going to strive to improve the flaws at the school, with lack of spirit, and organization. The leadership class is going to keep on getting better, with more hardworking student leaders.

“I think I was the most qualified because I had a range of experiences in the program and I know leadership has flaws and I want to improve it,” sophomore Brendan Lan Stated.

Although all the candidates were qualified, and worked hard in their campaigns, there could only be a few winners. Carmen Simon won president, Nicole Nguyen won vice president, Gianna Brocchini won executive board member, Kate Villegas won administrative coordinator, and Laila Iroguyen and Royce Kinsey won the rally commissioner positions.

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