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Addie Azevedo
Addie Azevedo is an RHS junior. Because junior year is supposedly the hardest year of highschool, and Azevedo has to agree, her goal is to keep her grades up and stay up on work. She is involved in GSA, Photography Club, Block R, and in CSF. Her favorite part of journalism is being able to be creative with writing and have her own take or opinion on it. Journalism has let Azevedo be more involved with school by interviewing her peers and therefore getting to know them better. She has so many ideas for her future that it stresses her out to think about it. Currently, she is thinking about going into a science field and potentially teaching kids. Azevedo wants to change the world by trying to spread positivity as much as she can as well as being open about mental health to make it a less taboo subject.

Addie Azevedo, Journalist

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