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Haven Gutierrez

Haven Gutierrez currently is a Sophomore at RHS. A personal goal that Haven has as a Sophomore is to branch out and try new things that she did not do last year. She also wants to improve her previous grades from last year. Once school starts back up she plans on playing tennis for her remaining years at RHS, and possibly trying a different sport. Last year, she was involved in the photography club and girl’s league, and she plans on staying in those. Her favorite part of Journalism is how interactive it is. She loves to meet new people and be involved in social events, and that is exactly what journalism does! Haven is most excited about is being able to take pictures at events and meeting the new members in Journalism. One activity Haven is looking forward to is going to the rallies and taking pictures at them and writing the articles. Her future plans are to definitely go to college, but she still hasn’t decided where. Haven wants to change the world by making the world a happier place, even with minor things. Whether that means being a friend to someone in need, or doing a simple favor. 

Haven Gutierrez, Journalist

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Haven Gutierrez