The Smoke Signal

Haven Gutierrez
Haven Gutierrez is a freshman at Ripon High School. A personal goal that she has is having a G.P.A of no lower than 3.5, making new friends, and overall getting involved with many things. Some clubs that she is involved in is JROTC, and she just signed up for photography club and girls league. Her favorite part about journalism is how involved they are with everything, and how it isn’t just about writing, it’s about getting involved and having new experiences. Some things that she is excited about are all of the rallies and sporting events that are coming soon. Her plans after high school are attending college for sure and having a job on the side if time allows. One way that Haven plans to change the world is by spreading positivity and making people feel comfortable around her.

Haven Gutierrez, Journalist

Oct 24, 2019
Ripon High at its Spookiest (Story)
The Student News Site of Ripon High School
Haven Gutierrez