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Maria Soto

Maria Soto is a junior at Ripon High.  Her personal goals for this school year are to be as involved as she can and achieve a high grade point average all year.  Besides Journalism and Leadership, the two main organizations Soto spends time in, she is part of the RHS Drama, Photography, Korean Culture clubs, and Barbershop. Her favorite part of Journalism is being able to collaborate with her classmates. One activity that Soto is looking forward to this school year is the spring JEA conference that will be held in Anaheim, CA.

​After high school, Soto is planning on going to college and she is working hard so that she can attend UC Berkeley or Stanford University and become a linguistics professor.  She plans on changing the world by promoting multilingualism to help build bridges between cultures and people through language and music.


Maria Soto, Assistant Editor/Social Media and Culture Editor

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Maria Soto