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Hoops, They Did it Again

Deven Stokes, Editor, Journalist

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Ripon High School boy’s basketball team seems unstoppable this season as they have earned their way to become undefeated in league. Throughout the 2017-2018 season, the Indians have conquered their opponents and have been deemed “unbeatable.”


OUT SCORING HIS OPPONENT: RHS junior Vincent Omo (55) posts up against an RC competitor in the last minutes of the game.

On January 19, Ripon High School faced off against cross-town rival Ripon Christian and planned to win to gain home-town pride.

The Indians easily sped past the knights in the first quarter of the game. In the last final seconds of the game, Ripon point-guard Danny Hernandez stood alone and pressured the offense. Hernandez’s plan worked as he stole the ball, made a lay-up, and left the Knights in the dust. The first quarter ended with Ripon leading 19-9.

As the second quarter started, the Indians were slow to start. Ripon Christian started to fight their way back as they used their post as their only resource for points. But as the Knights fought hard, the Indians fought back harder.

Troy Brogan made the first basket of the second quarter and the Ripon Indians started to climb their way back. RHS senior Kyle Sisk scored a layup with two minutes to go and got fouled in the process. Sisk made the freethrow to make a 3-point play and the Ripon crowd was louder than ever.

The Indians then went on a 7 point run and finished the second quarter with a solid lead of 34-22.

Once again, Ripon had a slow start to the third quarter. Ripon Christian soon began to catch up as the Knights scored their next few points in the paint. RHS junior Vincent Olmo stopped the Knight’s run as he scored the first points of the third quarter.

The Indians had multiple turnovers and struggled to hold the ball, but senior James Gaalswyk scored a 3-pointer to finish the third quarter with a lead of 40-32.

Kyle Sisk helped the Indians start the fourth quarter strong as he scored the first bucket. The Ripon Crowd took over the Knight’s home ground and were louder than ever as the Indians took a 12-point lead.

RHS sophomore Troy Brogan scored the final point of the fourth quarter with a freethrow. The Indians defeated their cross-town rivals with a final score of 61-51.

Senior Kyle Sisk was the highlight player of the night as he made a whopping 7 steals. Varsity coach Rod Wright said, “Kyle comes to play. We expect Kyle to get steals. I didn’t realize he had seven.”

Ripon is coming to an end of their 2018 basketball season, but it seems as if the journey has just begun. Based off of their stats, the Indians have a chance at taking the title of league champions.

RHS junior and player Vincent Olmo said, “We have come together as a team and playing good team basketball, but we still have a lot of work to do, to be undefeated in league.”

The Indian’s plan to take the game was a success as they won, and took with them hometown pride.

Vincent Olmo said, “We had people stepping up everywhere making big plays when it mattered most. I can’t wait for the next game against them at home.”

The Indian’s travel to Hughson to battle the Huskies on January 30 for their next away game.


Freshman Game

Ripon Christian: 67 (OT)

Ripon: 64 (OT)


Sophomore Game

Ripon Christian: 47

Ripon: 36


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Hoops, They Did it Again