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Winterfest Royalty is Crowned at the Rally

Claire Dekruyf, Journalist

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One of the many activities of Winterfest  is that each class elects a princess and a prince. Students voted on Wednesday and the results were announced at the rally on Friday.

Freshman Prince Simba and Princess Nala, Connor Self and Malery States, smile after the winners where announced at Friday’s rally

The freshman princess, Nala, was Malery States and prince, Simba, was Connor Self. Sophmore Kassidy Isham was voted Tinker Bell, and Nico Ilardi was voted Peter Pan. Junior Prince Philip was Ryan Daggett, and the junior Princess Aurora was Mia Benzigner. The senior class Princess Ariel was Abbi Kissi and the Prince Eric was Jesus Torres.

Some of the people who won were taken by surprise.

“ I was definitely not expecting to win,” said Freshman Prince Connor Self.

Others were surprised even though they were expecting it. “It was still a surprise even though a lot of people were telling me that I was going to win. I’m still in shock from it,” said Abbi Kissee (Princess Ariel) said.

“It was very surprising to me at the rally. I was too busy worrying about the shopping cart to even think about winning,” said Malery States.

States is a part of leadership and worked on the freshman shopping cart that got first place. “I was leaning back on the bleachers and my eyes widened when my name was called.”

“I try my best to love everyone I come into contact with, whether that be through smiling and waving at them as I walk by, helping them with their homework, or I just be there for them when they’re sad.” said Kissee. She and the students that voted for her agree that these are important qualities.

States also believes that she has some of the same qualities as Kissee, “I enjoy talking to a lot of people. If I see someone who’s having a bad day, I go out of my way to make them laugh,” she said.

After the princesses and princes were announced, they played a game where they listened to Disney songs and had to try to name them. Sophomore prince and princess Ilardi and Isham won the challenge.


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Winterfest Royalty is Crowned at the Rally