Spooky Season

Kiara Davis , Journalist

Spooky Season is already here! Everyone has been waiting for this to come. From decorations, to dressing up, and the gatherings of family and friends. Who can forget about the tradition everyone knows and is an all time favorite- trick or treating. 

“We take pictures on our front porch and then go to our grandmas house after we are done trick or treating,” Junior Alexa Burton said. 

Burton enjoys making memories by taking pictures in front of the holiday decorations on her porch. She also loves dressing up her dogs in costumes every year. That is one way the dogs can be included besides sneaking in a piece of candy.  

“I normally go trick or treating with my family and friends […] we are normally out for a few hours until everyone’s feet start hurting or were stuffed full of candy,” Freshman Makenzie Loechler said. 

There are many hardcore trick or treaters out there walking for hours like Loechler, determined to get candy. Loechler does not stop hunting for candy until her stomach is tired of it, until her feet starts to ache and get blisters.

“Usually my family decorates the house. My whole family eats pumpkin because its bomb. After all of that is done I go trick or treating with friends,” Freshman Emma Phetchamphone said. 

Phetchamphone gets her house in the spooky season spirit with a ton of decorations. Who does not love hanging out, enjoying the company and eating classic October foods like pumpkin pie? Phetchamphone loves spooky season because of all the delicious pumpkin flavored foods. Then, she goes on an adventure with her friends by going trick or treating for a little while. 

“It is fun to dress up, [make] pumpkin carvings, eat candy, and hang out with family and friends,” Senior Angelina Cortez said.