RHS Varsity Boys Soccer Team Goes Up Against Escalon


Sahib Singh Dhindsa, Journalist

The RHS Soccer team unfortunately lost against Escalon. This now makes the boy’s varsity team 4-14 and in the league they are 1-6. This now continues to their 5 game losing streak. Their current rankings in the section are 127th, in the state 1007th, and the national 2454th. During the game, there were a total of 5 injures, including both teams. 


In the first half, the RHS varsity team was able to stay in the lead with a score of 1-0. In the second half, Escalon made a shocking come back by scoring 3 goals in a row. Escalon was also called offsides three times during the game, which lead to free kicks for RHS. RHS had to endure a penalty kick, which resulted in a goal, and some other calls against RHS. Overall, some RHS players claimed that they were robbed of that game. 


“I honestly am not happy with the results of the game, I think that we executed very well and if it wasn’t for the several injuries we had in the game, we would have had a possibility of winning. We came out remarkably strong in the first half, overall we were passing and communicating really well. I do feel as if we were robbed of that game, there were some poor calls in the backfield that lead to an unnecessary penalty kick, which put our team down because of the scarcity of time left on the clock,” as said by Senior Payton Lockard.


Escalon received a penalty kick in the second half with only a few minutes left on the clock. RHS did make repetitive attempts to prevent this deficit from growing any larger but were unsuccessful at stopping them from scoring another goal. 


“The game went well, we fought, we played hard, unfortunately, we did lose which is a bummer but we tried our best and that’s what counts. Going into this we thought we had I wanted to win, I thought that we would win, I did think that we are a good team and we did have every opportunity to win but I guess we were just not able to hit the back of the net,” as said by Coach Tiffany Gonsales.


Every time Escalon was offsides, RHS received a free-kick. Unfortunately, that did not help us get any points. RHS made multiple attempts to and control the situation.


“The game against Escalon went well, but the sad part is that we lost and we did get a few injuries. Some things that went well is that our passing and communication was on point. I do feel that we were robbed in the second half, there were multiple poor calls, but still, we played well and tried our hardest. In my opinion, they did call a lot of stupid fouls,” as stated by Hector Gonzalez.


RHS varsity team played very well and so did Escalon. Try to go to another game against Hilmar, it will be a close and interesting game.