Covid’s Effect on Education



“First Day of School” by dangaken is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Diana Diaz Aguirre, Journalist

Education has been changed, more than 1 billion adolescents are being educated virtually, or through online around the world (The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Changed Education Forever. This Is How). Online and face to face methods of learning aren’t exactly what a student would expect to learn from in this time. The forms of teaching students today could greatly affect a student’s health, and come out as either defective or influential regarding their physical and mental health.

“Yes, it [learning at home] is hard sometimes, but I know we’ll go back eventually. It’s hard waking up looking at a computer for six plus hours, ” freshman Mackenzie Craigg states.

Keeping hope in this situation is very difficult, but Craigg manages to find it. Her motivation is found as an effective method of living through the pandemic. Children from around the world are lacking in interaction with other humans, they may find it hard to obtain happiness when they are in a household all day.

“Due to our school being very strict with rules, we have had only four positive cases [of COVID-19] in the whole school program, and my school is very strict on masks,” states a senior attending Niles High in Michigan. 

Communities during COVID are at risk of poor health, which is the main reason virtual classes have been arranged in the first place. Although, students attending in-person school may have a different perspective on why the spread is growing. Some high school students claim that attending in-person school isn’t as bad as some may see it, regarding the safety of students during COVID. 

“We can only go through hallways one way, we don’t drink in class, and we have to sit in assigned seats,” senior at a Florida high school said.

While many believe attending class in person will increase the spread, students actually attending in-person school, explain otherwise. Based on the spread so far from in- person school, they don’t seem to have the worst impact on Covid, knowing if given, regulations to follow on campus. Also while, not to mention, helping restore a students proper mental health.

“I look forward to soon going back [to school], and seeing my teachers […] I know we’ll go back sooner than later. ” Craigg states.