A New Way To Attend Concerts

Faith Yuen, Journalist

We all know that the Corona Virus has affected all of us in some way or another. Some people took it a lot harder than others though, for example, small businesses took a pretty big hit. What many people may not think about though, is the effect that Covid has had on the different entertainment industries such as the movie industry and music industry. Essentially, movie and TV productions were put to a halt. Furthermore, musicians had to put concerts, world tours, and performances on hold. So, what have musicians been doing to fill that void? The answer is virtual concerts. 

The good news is that artists have still been able to write music. In fact, they have had ample amounts of time to write and even produce music for their audience. For example, Taylor Swift has a brand new album called Evermore that is all music that she wrote and produced during the quarantine. The real problem is the way that musicians get their music out to their fans, by concerts and tours. The simple solution to this issue is similar to the way many schools have been functioning, virtually. 

The whole idea of virtual concerts started on an Instagram live-stream, hosted by Coldplay’s Chris Martin, where he performed a couple of the band’s best hits. Three of the boy band, One Direction’s members have also put on their own live-streamed concert. More and more artists have seemed to have caught onto the whole virtual performance idea and decided to put on their own. Once again, we can thank technology and social media for keeping the music industry and live music alive, when the world physically cannot.