Songbird Movie Review

Songbird Movie Review

Haven Gutierrez, Journalist


The somewhat recently new movie Songbird has been claimed to be inconsiderate, tone-deaf, and just plain boring, and in my opinion, all of these statements are true. Songbird focuses on two main people, Nicholas Price, (KJ Apa), and Sara Garcia, (Sofia Carson), and at the very beginning of the movie, we are immediately introduced to the idea of the new strain of COVID-19, which is COVID-23. 

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      The location of the movie is in Los Angeles, where pretty much everyone is forced to stay inside their home unless they are immune to the virus, like Nico, and his job is to bring everyone packages at their house because only a few people are said to be immune to the virus. These people can wear no mask and be around those who are infected are safe, but they can still spread it to those they love. Nico eventually makes it to his girlfriend Sofia’s house, and all is well until Sara’s grandma starts coughing repeatedly and has all of the signs of fever. Those who are sick, never recover and are taken to a place called a Q- zone and never return, and Sara knows that she will be taken too if her grandmother gets brought there. The rest of the movie is basically a frantic rush to beat time and get Sara an immunity pass so they can be free and leave LA.

     In my opinion, the movie was just very bland, and the would have been a lot more interesting if a few things were switched, such as if the main setting wasn’t so depressing, then the movie would have been more inviting, and it also seemed extremely rushed, and it wasn’t long enough to give all of the characters a proper ending. I recommend it to those 13+, and those who love action and dystopian films, and give this movie ⅗ stars.