Ripon Welcomes Dutch Bros


Allie Camara, journalist

Have you been to Ripon’s newest popular addition? Ripon welcomed Dutch Bros to our small town, and the community couldn’t be happier. The chain opened on Friday, Aug. 20.
Ripon High has many students who work at the new location. Not only are they super excited to have it welcomed to Ripon, other students love the popular place as well. Dutch Bros offers a wide variety of drinks and that is what attracts so many people.
“ I love the environment, and the customers! Everyone is incredibly supportive, and positive!” says Junior Emily Sesser who is an employee at Dutch Bros
With the environment Dutch Bros offers, it shows how people can have such a great experience when going there. This chain is also providing many job opportunities for students like Sesser within the community.
“I’ve been there a lot for the short amount of time they’ve been open and the line has never been long! It goes by super quick and all the workers are super friendly!”, said Kylee Brown, Sophomore.
The workers can make or break how a place can run, and Dutch Bros is definitely understanding how to make this a priority. This makes the trip there so much more enjoyable knowing you will be greeted with great attitudes.
“As the word starts to spread that we’re open we have definitely seen a lot more people come by of all ages and we love to see it!” says Gabby Delgado, Junior, and employee at the chain.
Even though Dutch Bros may have had a slow start, they are definitely starting to pick up with customers coming back. Many did not know they were open at first but now with the word getting out people are opening up with the idea of the popular place full of different drinks coming to our community.
“I think Dutch is providing great opportunities for the youth in Ripon, like jobs, which helps them to grow as people.” says Sesser.