Same Name, Different People


Jenny Pfeifer, Journalist

(…) it’s kind of like being twins, but with the same name I guess”

— Grace Mikami, Junior.

     All of us are different and unique in some distinct ways, but sometimes we have things in common like our names. In Ripon, there are numerous people with the same first names such as Faith, Dylan, Grace, Jacob, and many more! 

     When interviewing people, it was asked if they would ever change their name and if so why? Well, the results varied between the many people that were asked.

     “No because it’s kind of who I am and why would I change who I am,” stated Jacob Baird, Senior. 

     Whether your name has been passed through the family line, or chosen from a baby book, each one is special even if we share it with other people. For most people their name is not just something others call them by; it is in one way or another the first gift their parent(s) ever give them, or maybe when people hear their name they have a certain fondness or emotion of what they think of them. 

     “It was either that or Trinity (…) and I was born on Good Friday so they thought that the name Grace was better,” stated Grace Mikami, Junior. 

     Another contributing factor of when parents decide on their child’s name is the date they’re born on. A considerable number of people are named after a month or holiday, occasionally even something that symbolizes that month or holiday. 

     “Yes I love my name, it used to be that I knew nobody named Faith but when I moved to Ripon I met lots of people with my same name which is pretty cool,”  stated Faith Fauchier, Junior. 

     Even if we do share the same names, it is something that is kind of pleasant and delightful to have in common with someone else. It’s also a great conversation piece when first trying to get to know someone and can really create a great friendship. 

     “(…) it’s kind of like being twins, but with the same name I guess,” amusingly stated Mikami. 


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