What’s Brewing RHS?

Whats Brewing RHS?

Natalie Becerra, Journalist

Hey RHS! It’s finally fall. The weather is finally getting colder out and the drinks are getting warmer. A Ripon go-to for fall drinks are Starbucks, however recently Ripon had a new addition to its coffee shops, a Dutch Bros opened in early August. Both Dutch Bros and Starbucks have tasty coffees, and they are perfect for the fall season.

Seniors from Ripon High have jobs at these two places. Gabrielle Krupa happens to work at Dutch Bros in Ripon. Krupa’s favorite fall drink at Dutch is a Salted Caramel Dirty Chai with Pumpkin soft top. She states that it is very good and in the fall spirit. You can make any pumpkin-flavored drink into whatever you want! You can get a hot, cold, blended, etc. with the pumpkin flavor.

“Personally, I recommend the pumpkin flavor, you can turn it into a cold brew, chai, or a latte and it will turn out really yummy,” says Gabrielle Krupa, senior.

Another thing is what do people behind the counter like to make? Are these seasonal tasty drinks hard, or easy to make? I don’t think we realize that the workers behind the counter have favorite drinks too!

“I like making the Pumpkin Brulee latte. It’s honestly not that hard to make since it is very similar to making any other drink,” says Ronni McIntosh, senior.

One of the Dutch Bros famous fall drinks is the Pumpkin Brulee. And it is a fan favorite. You can get this drink hot, iced, in a cold brew or a latte! Very versatile drink and it is quite a tasty one. How can you taste the pumpkin flavor more? 

“I like the Pumpkin Brulee with cold brew instead of espresso shots because you can really taste the pumpkin better,” McIntosh stated.

Of course, Dutch Bros is very good but Starbucks is the original Pumpkin Spice spot. Everyone knows and loves Starbucks fall drinks. A drink you might not have known at Starbucks is the Apple Crisp Macchiato. This drink has hints of apple and caramel. It almost tastes like those lollipops that are dipped in caramel with the sour apple taste.

“I like the Apple Crisp Macchiato, however, I do prefer the Caramel Macchiato. But if you don’t like the spiced drinks or pumpkin-flavored stuff you would not want to get it,” said Ana Digulio, senior.

Overall the fall drinks at both coffee places are good whether you prefer Dutch Bros or Starbucks you should stop by one of them this fall season and try a Caramel Brulee at Dutch or an Apple Crisp Macchiato at Starbucks!

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