Sibling Separation


Annie Wild, Journalist

There are many siblings who go to school together at Ripon High, but eventually they will graduate leaving the younger sibling behind. This leaves room for changes in both school and home life. Having a sibling not around all the time can cause a loss in closeness in the relationship. 

The distance between siblings leaves behind feelings of loss, sadness, abnormality, and fear. Not seeing each other all the time is a big change, even if at first it is not noticeable. Transitioning is a challenge for the students who are still in high school after their sibling has left. However, finding new ways to talk has made siblings actually become closer than they were before. 

“It was weird for sure, I was used to having someone to go through the whole high school process with, but this year I was more on my own”, said Makenzie Loechler, junior. 

Having the comfort of knowing someone was always there had gone away. This creates a sense of irregularity during the school year. It’s difficult to get used to not seeing a familiar face around campus, but in a way having a small separation can help strengthen relationships between siblings. 

“I feel like we have gotten closer in a way because we are having a lot more in depth conversations on the phone”, stated Adriana DiGiulio, senior. 

Different methods of communication have made the transition to being without a sibling much easier. This can include texting, phone calls, social media, and FaceTiming. Going to deep talks about how the day went or even just talking about what is happening in the community can make relationships stronger. 

“It’s been a little weird not having him around during school, but it wasn’t a bad thing at all”, explains Ewan West, junior.