2019 Rematch


taken by @rhssortspics on instagram

Rogelio Gonzalez II, Journalist

In 2019, Ripon High visited Sacramento to take on the Center Cougars for the title of San Joaquin County Champions for football. The Indians came out victorious and eventually made an awesome run to become Division 4AA. This year’s Indians are trying to repeat history as they went to Sacramento to take on the Cougars. 

 “They were a really cocky team that had blown out every other team until they played us and we knew how good we were so we wanted to shock them to show them they weren’t as good as they thought they were,” stated Caleb Johnston, senior. 

The game started off with the Cougars receiving off and then an Indian defender comes off with a big hit and now in an instance it is Ripon ball. At halftime it was 20-6. After a hard fought game, your Ripon High Indians came out winning last Friday defeating the Center Cougars 41-0. 

“It was a great feeling getting that win against Center, especially being that it was our first week back in our original defense and obviously against the team we had won section against,” stated Jack Manning, Senior. 

The record of your Ripon High Indians improves to 1-2. They will play Calaveris this next friday and look to keep winning as they head into state. They look to set the tone for the rest of the season and entering league.