Freshpressions !


Ollie Roberts, Journalist

A freshman’s first week of school can be pretty scary, or, in some people’s opinion, very exciting. All depends on who you are and how you look at things. The thing is, it’s not just like moving to a new school. You get new people, new classes, and plenty of new expectations.

We started the school year nearly 4 weeks ago. How is the class of 2025 doing so far in the new school year? What are some of their first impressions of RHS? 

“I just expected it to be no different than middle school, just more advanced lessons and more diversity of teachers and students. It ended up being that exact thing for me.” said Edgar Castrejon, Freshman. 

He kinda knew what he was in for and was decently prepared for what was to come. Although some schools prepared their students for the high school schedule a bit more than others with having several classes to switch through. For example, Ripon El. had a ‘switch-class’ kind of schedule whereas Colony Oak did not“It was kinda what I expected, I guess? I thought it was going to be a lot more homework than it really was honestly.” said Eric Guevara, Freshman. 

When going into a new environment, you don’t have much to base your expectations on. So, it’s more so a wild guess! Question is, are those freshmen enjoying they’re experienced so far now that they know what it’s like?

”I thought it was going to be scary, like really scary, but it turned out very fun as long as you put the work and effort in and if you find the right people.” said Emma Grussing, Freshman. 

Making sure your keeping up with your assignments is very important, because, as long as you can do that, you’ll glide right through the year without having to worry about grades and before you know it, we’re sophomores! Finding the right group of friends was also a good point. We’ve all heard the whole “you become like who you surround yourself with” speech, and I promise you it’s not just another one of those speeches with no meaning. It has meaning. surround yourself with lazy people, you tend to pick up that lazy-attitude. Surround yourself with hardworking people, you most likely as well we keep yourself on task. 

”I’m really enjoying the sociable part, not so much the work part. I guess it just depends.” said Guevara.