Join the Tribe, Join Clubs!


Kennedy Winter, Journalist

Here at Ripon High, we have about 45 active clubs. The past few years, students have worked with staff members to start, or even reestablish, new clubs that have been very beneficial to our student body. Some of these clubs include the Yoga Club, the Red Cross Club, the Next Chapter Club, and the Kindness Club. These clubs help get our students involved and distracts them from the constant stress of highschool. 

For students who love to help in the community, the Red Cross Club was created by a few students, one of which being Rachel Wu. The purpose of this club is to help/give back to the community and to teach kids about emergency assistance and disaster preparedness. The club aims to host 1-2 blood drives this year and make a difference in the community. 

“Being a part of Red Cross has given me chances on earning volunteer hours and experiencing what it is like to work among other people who want to give back to our community.” said Rachel Wu, senior.

Although not necessarily new, the Yoga Club is a very popular club at Rion High that was recently reestablished. It is the perfect club for student-athletes who don’t have the time to participate in long afterschool clubs, and for students who benefit from the stretching and breathing exercises that come with yoga. 

Ripon High even has a club for our book lovers! The Next Chapter Club is a non-fiction book club run by student David Wang and advisor Mr. Mayfield. This club’s purpose at Ripon High is to connect the students through reading and give them the opportunity to express their thoughts in a safe place.

“Reading is a universal ability, and I hope we can unite the community through the power of words!” said David Wang, junior. 

Another very popular club this year at RHS is the Kindness Club. It is a very undemanding club devoted to kindness and creating a safe space where everyone is nice to each other, and promotes kindness throughout campus. The turnout so far has been very good, and students seem to be benefiting from the kind culture.

“I think clubs greatly benefit Ripon High just because of this kind of feeling of connectedness between the students in all the different grades…I really just think clubs help you make these connections with other students that have similar goals to you, that you might not have met in other situations.” said Ms. Van Vuren, Kindness Club advisor. 

Ripon High has a club for everyone. So, join the tribe, and join some clubs!