It’s Lunchtime RHS!


Brooklyn Goeckeritz, Journalist

     Most of the students at Ripon High can’t wait for fourth period to be over everyday so that they can go to lunch. Lunch is when everyone gets to go chill and hang with  friends. Some people go out, some go to just the cafeteria. Our lunch ladies work incredibly hard to make enough food to feed a whole highschool. We just believe that the food just magically appears for us to eat but I don’t think the students understand how tiring it can be to make lunch for almost 1000 kids. 

     “So the ladies who work in the cafeteria each have specific jobs. Some do numbers, others do orders, carts, money balance ect.” said Katelyn Cardoza (senior)

     All these jobs sound really complicated to deal with. Sometimes it’s probably stressful too. Working with food is never easy but people never think about all the other nonfood related things they have to do as well like deal with money and prices. As A TA, Katelyn always helps with whatever needs to be done in the kitchen.

     “Everyday I restock all the drinks that were used during lunch and breakfast while the boys that TA with me do trash. Then the ladies will ask us to clean everything, dishes, filling cups with sauces, bagging many things, cutting things as well, pretty much anything they need.”said Katelyn 

     I don’t think any of the students ever even think about all the work that goes into our meals. We usually just get our lunch, say thank you, then be on your way.I think we should all be grateful for these wonderful women and students that make lunch for us everyday. They deserve some appreciation.

     “I always put effort in everything I do with this job. It can be pretty difficult depending on the assignments I am given. I have fun with all of them though.” Said Katelyn.