What Inspires RHS?


Angelina Rivara, Journalist

In the first few weeks of being back at school, both students and teachers have been striving to do their best. Coming back to school after months of sleeping in and having lots of free time requires inspiration. However, inspiration can mean many things to many different people. It all depends on how you see the world. 


Some people draw inspiration from nature. Others go to music, family, or other people– like celebrities– to be influenced.


“I’m definitely inspired by my mother. She was a single mom… she worked really hard, and was a calm, patient, and kind person. I pull on her energy,” said Ms. Paris, Ripon High teacher. 


Many people are inspired by their parents or other hard-working individuals. Whether these people are relatives, friends, or simply well- known, their effect is plain. Teachers and students at not only Ripon High School, but all over the world, are doing their best to be their best self. 


“People who can go around and just start talking to other people really inspire me… to take risks and be myself. Kids who wear what they want also inspire me to find my own style and feel free in expressing myself,” said Brylee Trask, freshman.


You can be inspiring to others without knowing it, simply by being yourself. This is an important lesson for all people. Even if you feel average or unextraordinary, you can inspire others, because every person sees inspiration in a different way. To be inspired means something different to everyone. 


“Sometimes it’s seeing a possibility that you haven’t seen before. Other times it’s just trying to fill a need that has to be filled… I think there’s just a whole array of things that can inspire,” said Señora McPherson, Ripon High teacher.