Small Businesses at RHS


Haven Gutierrez, Journalist

           Ripon High School is one of the most diverse and exciting high schools out there, not only with staff, but students as well. Some students at Ripon High have taken it upon themselves to organize and manage small businesses in their spare time, which has allowed them to become closer and more involved with the community. These businesses range from jewelry making, to baking, and even a clothing line managed by students here at RHS. These students represent the best of RHS, and inspire others to find ways to be creative and involve themselves more with the community.

       “I have been baking for as long as I can remember, I probably started baking when I was 4 years old and I learned with my Grandma. I started Shakey Bakes in 2020 when we got stuck in quarantine. I started with cupcakes and sold them to close friends and family. Then around thanksgiving of 2020 I started making sugar cookies which is what I primarily sell now […] Through my business I have met many people in my community that I would have never even known, and it’s really cool to see how many people love and support me and my business!” Junior Shay Cunningham stated.

     This business is just one example of the many that RHS encompasses, and how it can positively impact the community. Each student and their business greatly impacts themselves and those around them, while setting a good example as well.

     “My small business is a small skateboard brand, called Caroline skateboards. when it grows into full fruition, it’ll be a brand that sells skateboards and skateboard apparel. My biggest inspiration was my local skatepark, lathrop skatepark. The people there are just amazing. They are so friendly and so encouraging.”

     Whatever it is that students are making or selling, everyone finds inspiration from different sources, whether that be a close family member, a celebrity,  or friends. This proves how important it is that students at RHS set a good example, because you never know who you can inspire to do great things.

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