Loco for Hoco


Natalie Becerra, Journalist


Is it hoco season? Yes, it is. Ripon High kicked off their homecoming on Thursday, September 23rd when they announced their 2021 court. Seniors are the only ones on the ballot to be voted onto the court. It is a tradition that has happened for years. This year’s homecoming court includes Emma Phelps, Dylan DeGraff, Bella Chapin, Evan McKeon, Riley Rangel, Ethan Day, Bronson Burrow, Nolan Young, Naomi Wilbur, and Katelyn Cardoza. These 10 individuals were picked by their fellow peers at Ripon High. It is a special thing to be on the homecoming court, and these students will represent RHS.

I felt a rush of pride. I am very honored that my classmates and other students chose me to be on the court.”

— Dylan DeGraff

One of the first students to be called up was Ms. Bella Chapin. Chapin plays volleyball for RHS and is involved with many other things around campus. There are so many things included in homecoming, for instance, the dress-up days that last the whole week, lip sync battles, etc. Something Chapin is most excited about is the dance at the rally.

“It has been so much fun to make these dances and I know everyone worked very hard on them.” says, Bella Chapin, senior.

The students and staff vote on who will be on the homecoming court. Chapin states that being on homecoming court has been a dream of hers since freshman year that she thought would never happen. But she is so grateful and excited to be a part of it.

People that get voted onto the court should be honest and noble individuals that will represent RHS for being a responsible human being. This is exactly why Dylan DeGraff got voted onto this year’s court. 

“I want to have a strong presence in my community and be a good role model for the younger kids,” said Dylan DeGraff, senior.

It must be a very special feeling of getting your name called up to be on homecoming court. DeGraff says “I felt a rush of pride. I am very honored that my classmates and other students chose me to be on the court.”

Ripon High’s homecoming is a very special aspect of the school. It brings the students and staff together. Winning homecoming king or queen is something that someone will always remember. Even being voted onto the court is a memorable thing. Make everything count. High school goes by in a flash!