Reality TV


Jenny Pfeifer, Journalist

     Reality tv is either a love or hate relationship. Some enjoy watching it for its intense, comical, and very dramatic scenes of people. The most popular reality tv shows right now include Alone, The Challenge, Big Brother, Love Island, and honestly so much more. 

     “I enjoy reality tv because I love hearing stories, not necessarily hearing them,” stated Heaven Elisary, Junior. 

     There is also much discourse on whether or not the people on reality tv shows are acting or openly being themselves. For some people this matters, but for others it isn’t about how real the people are as much as the content of the show itself. 

     “I believe people in tv shows are mainly acting, but there is always that one show where you wish it was a reality,” commented Elisary. 

     Although there are many die hard fans of reality tv, there are also many haters. This is partly because it is believed that people on the show only illustrate different personalities on camera then off camera, leaving the audience questioning the authenticity of reality tv. The most questioned reality tv shows consist of House Hunters, Catfish, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and many more. Even though some shows may be hated, it truly depends on each person and their own liking. 

     “I think it’s entertaining, but it’s not something I would watch,” stated Riley Rangel, Senior. 

      It’s difficult to plainly say whether or not reality tv is popular with teens. Having such busy schedules leave very little time for teens to relax. Moreover, it’s not to say that reality tv isn’t popular based on how many viewers there are since there are students who want to watch, but the ratings of reality tv shows. 

     “I think reality tv isn’t as popular anymore because people nowadays are so busy with sports, work, schools, etc. As much as I would love to sit down and watch tv, by the time I’m done with cheer I just want to fall asleep,” claimed Elisary. 

     Shows will be hated, shows will be loved but no matter the case, reality tv will always be there open for viewers to laugh, cry, and maybe make fun of. In a way, this topic of reality tv brings people together even if you don’t actually watch it. 

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