Getting into the HOCO Spirit


Annie Wild, Journalist

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Football season is in full swing, which means that the fall event that every high schooler looks forward to has finally come. Homecoming is here bringing along spirit days. This year the spirit days start on Sept. 23 and go through Oct. 01. 

The homecoming theme is Disneyland parks. Each spirit day has a different aspect of Disneyland with options on how to dress to represent that aspect. Freshmen have Hollywood Boulevard, Sophomores take FantasyLand, Juniors have Pixar-Pier, and the Seniors have AdventureLand. Dressing up earns spirit points for the students class that will add to see which class was the most spirited overall during homecoming. 

“I’m excited to see what outfits people are going to wear. It’s always fun to see people dress up for a big event like homecoming,” said Kylee Fullmer, sophomore. 

Homecoming is a time where students go all out. Having fun with the spirit days is important to students. Dressing up for homecoming spirit days is a different level of excitement and fun than the normal school spirit days. 

“I think the themes are always creative […] with themes people are more inclined to dress up for homecoming,” states Tessa Hunter, senior. 

The homecoming themes make dressing up a lot of fun. More people will dress up and show spirit for their class if there is a way individual outfits go together with other students. Having a fun theme also makes for great pictures if students dress under one theme. 

“I’m definitely excited, having a few options makes it fun for everyone,” said Aiden Krupa, junior. 

This year there are multiple ways to dress for each spirit day. Having a variety of ways to show spirit allows for every student to be included. This is new this homecoming season and is truly something to look forward to. 

“I’m excited to participate in the spirit days because the dress ups are fun and you can be really creative…,” said Xitlaly Reynoso, freshman.