Deeper Than Decals


Ollie Roberts, Journalist

Self expression used to be much easier, but students have been beaten dry of creativity and self expression out of fear of being called “different”. And this isn’t meant in a bad way, our generation just lacks acceptance of “different” making things dull and basic. A lot of us look for subtle ways to express ourselves, some ways being stickers! Whether it’s on our binders, laptops, hydroflasks, whatever it may be, it’s some people’s escape of passion. For some people, it may just be a sticker, but other people may have deeper reasoning relating to who they are or what they believe and such. 

“I like this one because, well, unity and it’s a rainbow for you know a pride flag and that just shows how I like equality and everything,” said Lucas Waibel, Junior. For Waibel, stickers pose a source of self expression and show things they like. This could certainly be the case for other people too, like Kilie Verdegaal, Junior.
“I like my Spongebob one a lot, because I grew up watching Spongebob a lot,” said Verdegaal. It’s kinda like a childhood symbol. Spongebob is a good, common one, same with Hello Kitty and Dora the Explorer/Go! Diego, Go! We all watched those and some of us carry that sort of tie to our childhood like we’re trying to keep it a part of our life still. 

“The one when I went on a camping trip during Christmas ‘cause it was with my family,” said Kieryn Storz, freshman. Through the interview, Storz explained a vast majority of their stickers had been from places they’ve been with the family. Such a great way of keeping memories alive. 

So as we’ve seen, stickers could just be stickers.. or they could have a deeper meaning. But, you’d never know unless you were to ask, ‘what’s your story?’ ‘how do you best express that?’

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Do your stickers have any meaning to you?


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