Senior Opt-Out

Senior Opt-Out

Baley Gardette, Journalist

The seniors of Ripon High are surely lucky to have a chance to opt-out their classes! They’re able to start their school day late or end their day early.  Whether in the morning or afternoon, seniors get time off of school to go work, do chores, hobbies, or even get some well deserved sleep. Maybe it’s something you too can do when you’re a senior!

“When you have enough credits that you don’t need a full day, you can just not take anymore classes. You still have to have at least 5 periods though,” said Maclaine Medeiros, senior.

As Medeiros explained, seniors are able to opt-out when they have enough credits for that subject! You can opt-out of the first and second period in the mornings. Maybe sixth and seventh in the afternoon. If you have zero period, you can opt out fifth! Unfortunately, you still have to keep enough classes for the majority of the school day! Either way, seniors get shorter days and more time to do other activities

“Most of the time, I’ll either be working or I’ll just be at home playing video games,” said Tyson Harvey, senior.

 Many seniors use this time to go to their job and work longer shifts than they could if they were in school. Some may use this time to spend on sports and their passions. Many, like Harvey, use their late start in the school day to get some extra sleep and prepare for the day! Opting-out creates many benefits!

“I have to go to late night sports practices. Especially since school gets out at 3:40 now,” said Riley Rangel, senior. 

Some even see it as necessary to have time in between their busy schedules to get other responsibilities done! Dedications and responsibilities can be hard to take care of with busy high school life. Seniors are getting prepared to become graduates and adults. Opting out for seniors is a way to balance both!

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