Career Prep In Highschool


Diana Diaz Aguirre, Journalist

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As we head into the school year, future graduates from Ripon High must get ready to graduate school and prepare for their career path. Many upperclassmen have already benefited from internships, courses, volunteer work, etc., and have gotten a head start into the course of time. 

A good method for students to develop credibility is by partaking in side jobs or internships. It not only boosts your experience as a teen, but allows you to view an inside scoop at your future career. 

“Right now I’m doing an internship  at Jabacco, a physical training facility. It relates to sports medicine, and right now I just do observation hours with them and they let me watch and explain what’s going on,” stated Joselin Figueroa, junior. 

“I have a job that I worked at, at the Ripon Vet Hospital. Hopefully once I get to college I can get my degree in vet medicine and become a veterinarian,” stated senior, Caitlynn Campbell.

In the long run, you are benefiting from highschool internships and courses with a growth  in cooperation skills, professional observations, knowledge on career development, etc. Making sure to set a clear career path you enjoy before dedicating yourself is key. 

Another important focus highschoolers may want to take into consideration is volunteering and involvement. Helping out around the community can boost your reliability score on college resumes and allows you to make new connections in the community. 

“Outside of the hours, I try to do clubs like scrubs, and Science olympiad,” states Figueroa.

Volunteer hours prepare you for the real world after high school, and you can make them benefit into your career choice in ways. 

In conclusion, career preparation is just as important in high school. Students work an advantage in developing strengths into their dream profession from their early years of life.