Fall Fun!


Emily Paxton, Journalist

The first few days of fall have passed! What are your plans for Autumn? Whether you have family traditions or just enjoy a cozy fire and your favorite Halloween movies, here are some fun and exciting activities for this fall you can try this year!


For families who enjoy spending time with each other, you could bake fun sugar cookies with fall designs. Decorating cookies with the ones you love is a great way to create lifelong memories and eat delicious treats. Another fun thing you can try this year is going on a hike! Hikes are a great way to see the beautiful nature or our world. For a fun challenge you should try and collect as much of a certain color of leaves as you can, whoever wins can pick their favorite piece of Halloween candy!


If you enjoy the fall celebrations with friends, you should try going to a pumpkin patch or picking apples for a delicious apple pie. You could also try going to a corn maze for a fun experience and try to see who gets out first for a competitive and memorable game.


Sometimes instead of trying something new for the fall months, people have traditions that date back for years or even decades.


“Usually around fall time me and my family will take a trip to Dell ‘Osso Farms.” said Emma O’Laughlin, freshmen.


Dell ‘Osso Farms is an amazing spot for families to make magical memories, they have lots of events such as Halloween haunted houses, and pumpkin carving fun! Are you looking forward to fall this year?


“I  am looking forward to fall this year because of the weather.” said Reagan Wilkerson, sophomore.


Cold weather and cozy clothes sounds like a great idea! Do you have any plans for this 2021 fall? Or maybe you have some interesting family traditions! 


“I am definitely looking forward to fall this year!” said Jaelyn Meeuwse, junior.