What Class Will Win?


Natalie Becerra, Journalist

Here at the world’s greatest high school things tend to get a little competitive. Every year it is a fun challenge to see what class will dress out the most and win homecoming! It is safe to say the students and staff get really involved with the dress-up days. The class with the most spirit points wins that dress-up day. Leadership then will add up everyone’s points throughout the week and whoever has the most for the week wins homecoming overall.

This year’s homecoming dress-up days started on Friday, Sep. 24 and it was wearing your red and white for Ripon High, Monday’s dress-up day was wearing the class color green or dressing in formal attire, Tuesday’s was wearing the class color orange or wearing your favorite sports jersey, Wednesday was the class color blue or dress as a superhero, and last but certainly not least Thursday was the class color yellow or safari attire.

Friday’s winners were the Seniors! Monday’s winners were the Freshman! Tuesday’s was Seniors once again! Wednesday’s was the Seniors. And Thursday’s was the Seniors once again. The seniors did a great job this year showing their homecoming spirit.

“I was so very happy when I found out the seniors won. I felt like as a class we came together. It made it feel like everything paid off,” said Bryan Ochoa, senior.

The next event that happened this year was the poster competition! On Monday when students arrived at school there were 4 big posters saying the class names. The juniors came in first, sophomores came in second, seniors in third, and freshmen in last. It was so fun to see what the classes come up with.

The night rally was also a success. Many students showed up to watch the classes perform their lip-sync routine. Each class had to correlate their music and dance to what theme they were given. Freshmen got Hollywood Boulevard, sophomores got Fantasyland, juniors got Pixar Pier, and seniors got Adventureland. The results for this rally were, in first the juniors, second the seniors, third sophomores, and last freshmen.

And the overall winners of homecoming were the Seniors! Homecoming is such a fun event for the students and staff of Ripon High to get involved in. Who will be the winners of next year’s hoco?