Cop or Drop: Fall Outfits


Brooklyn Goeckeritz, Journalist

Fall is in the air and everyone is getting their autumn styles ready. Fall is one of the best seasons to create adorable and creative outfits. Sweaters, jeans, flannels, and sweats. A lot of  stores have been getting ready for this season and putting the clothing lines in windows and showing them off. Everyone is excited about this year’s styles. 

“I love wearing fall outfits! I love the colors, sweaters, and jeans. I also love mixing my summer clothes with my winter clothes and pairing things together. I think the weather is perfect in fall to wear light sweaters and leggings or even jeans and a tank top,” said Kennedy Winter, freshman.

Kennedy explained perfectly how to mix and match trendy outfits. Fall wear is really just a mix of summer and winter clothes depending on the weather. In fall, the key is finding outfits that are comfortable and cute. Jayden Kroutil’s ideal fall outfit did just that. 

“My perfect Autumn outfit is high top sneakers, jeans, and then layering on top. With a plain shirt, flannel, and a denim jacket, “ said Kroutil, junior. 

This is a very classic outfit that is comfortable and in style. The layering is a game changer in fall especially if it is chilly. 

A lot of people were wondering if guys change their styles for fall as well. Like Kennedy, Gideon Waters likes to mix and match winter and summer clothes. 

It seems like everyone likes to dress up for fall and get all cozy and warm but also staying in style. Fall is such a fun time to dress up for the perfect weather.

Fall is kind of a transition to winter so I like to wear shorts and a long sleeve or pants and a tee shirt if it’s average fall weather. On colder days I usually go with pants, sweater and a flannel over to layer up”

— Gideon Waters

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