Halloween costumes for this year!


Emily Paxton, Journalist


Halloween is coming up, and that means more costumes, movies, and fun with family and friends. Do you have a Halloween costume this year? If not, here are some creative and cool costumes to try out this year!

If you’re going trick or treating, or going to a party with your best friends you could dress up as your favorite treat, M&Ms or Skittles. Big group costumes can have your favorite tv show groups or character styles. For groups of three, you can do the Powerpuff girls, Strawberry Shortcake girls, or even the three musketeers. Duos this year could be Mario and Luigi, Salt and Pepper, or Cher and Paulette from Clueless!

“The most fun costume I have done was dressing up as Purge with my friend group in seventh grade,” said Kaylee Inderbitzen, Sophomore.

Group costumes are exciting and fun. These moments will always be around! You can always rely on your friends to help you out and create special memories that you will remember for a lifetime.

If you have a significant other this Halloween, or are planning to “boo” someone up, here’s a couple of costumes that will impress the ghouls. With your boyfriend or girlfriend, you could try Lilo and Stitch for a fun and cute costume. If you’re looking for a nerdy and paw-esome costume, Shaggy, Velma, and Scooby are a perfect costume to include your furry family. If you want to go with something fresh and new, Lola and Bugs Bunny from Space Jam is a perfect costume for you and your special someone.

Maybe this year you are going to go with a boo-tiful solo costume. If you feel like swimming in the new waters, you could dress up as Darla from Finding Nemo, make sure to use a prop fish to simulate nemo. You could dress up as a Barbie, it never hurts to have a little pink. For guys, if you have a favorite singer or actor you could dress up as him. Such as Adam Sandler or Pitbull. 

“My favorite costume from the previous years was when I was a deer because all I had to do was put on a deer onesie and makeup on.” said Katelyn Bogetti, Freshmen.

If you are all out of costume ideas and are going for a basic look, a go to costume can always be your favorite animal. Sometimes finding Halloween costumes can be un-bear-able, but if you have the koala-fications for a great costume this year you should show it off!

Have a Happy Halloween! Remember to make sure your costume this year is fang-tastic!

“I love dressing up since Halloween is my favorite holiday, it’s a fun way to get creative and try something new.” said Mackenzie Loechler, Junior.