Girls’ Basketball v. Riverbank

Nimrit Hayer

Girls’ Varsity basketball won their home game against Riverbank 54-20. The starters were freshmen Reina Sausedo, sophomore Rachel Sausedo, junior Savannah Clark, senior Felicia Ceja, and sophomore Mia Van Lewen.

Reina Sausedo had a total of 16 points. Felicia Ceja and Savannah Clark both had six points each. Rachel Sausedo and Mia Van Lewen felt that it was a good game for the team.

Rachel Sausedo said, “We played way better than last time. Our shots were falling, and we ran our plays correctly.” This season has had some up and downs for the team, but they were able to come together and play at the Riverbank game as a team.

Mia Van Lewen stated, “We finally worked as a team and had good passes. We wanted to do better.” The last time Ripon played Riverbank they barely won, and the players seemed to agree that it was not a good game for them. Although, they played confidently the second time against Riverbank and successfully won.

Sausedo thought they improved because, “This was the only game where every player scored.” Because the game was flowing well, all of the players had chances to score.

When Mia Van Lewen was asked what was good about that game, she said, “We started making our easy shots, which we had been missing in past games.” The game against Riverbank uplifted the team’s spirit and assured them of their capabilities.

Ripon was ahead of Riverbank the whole game. The score at the end of the first quarter was 17-10, the end of the first half was 31-10, the end of the third quarter was 44-12, and the ending score was 54-20.

The Girls’ Varsity basketball team picked up their game against Riverbank and played stronger the second time they played them. Mia Van Lewen stated, “I felt like all of us wanted to redeem ourselves from our last game against them.”