Top 10 Thing To Do In Ripon

Abbi Kissee

10.Go on random adventures.

Even if they are in Ripon, go for a drive.  Find things to do.  New people to meet.


9.Picnic time!

Host a picnic at Mistlin.  Do not forget the speaker!


8.Host a field day.

Get a couple groups of peers or friends and have a tournament of any spot you chose.


7.Go to Stouffer Park.

Bring a couple of friends and tubes and float down the river enjoying the summer heat.


6.Have a photoshoot.

Find abandoned places at parks or barns and pull out a camera!


5.Study day in Starbucks.

Summer assignments.  The ruin of every summer.  Gather friends at Starbucks and work together.  Gets work done faster and way more fun!


4.Go star gazing.

Bring a couple of blankets to Mistlin Park at night and watch the stars.


3.Go on a bike ride.

Take your friends a portable speaker and ride your bike all around town.  Maybe make it a day thing and have a little picnic.


2.Play paint twister.

Get a twister board and map.  Put shaving cream with dye in it and play!  Be prepared to fall!


1.Take a hike to Caswell State Park

This place is slowly becoming abandoned with the lack of campers still attending.  This park is truly beautiful with the extravagant landscape covering you all around.