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It’s Just a Water Bottle!

Deven Stokes

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Sam Brown striking a pose with his Hydroflask. 

Hydroflasks have become the new trend of water bottle brand to have at Ripon High. Students, as well as teachers, carry about their hydroflasks with a variety of sizes and colors. The insulated stainless steel bottle has people thinking that this is the ultimate water bottle. But this statement has many mixed reviews.

The hydroflask’s price ranges from $40 to$50 depending on the size. Some students believe that the hydroflask’s price is completely worth it because of how convenient the vacuum insulated water bottle is.

The hydroflask company has stayed true to their motto, “Join us on our mission to save the world from lukewarm.” When filled with ice, the water stays cold for a whole 48 hours. Athletes have found a love for the water bottle because they can keep their water ice-cold when they’re playing in the heat.

The hydroflask company has been honored by making the Inc. Top 500’s Fastest Growing Products as well as other product and industry awards. The hydroflask was created in 2009, in Bend, Oregon surrounded by the desert. But it didn’t launch with popularity at Ripon High until late last year. Since then, students have caught onto the trend and it is very common to see many students carrying around bright water bottles around campus.

At Ripon High School, English teacher Jenna Valponi believes that the hydroflask popularity and students’ insistence to call it by its brand name is somewhat ridiculous. She said, “It’s a water bottle. Stop calling it a hydroflask. I don’t say ‘Get me my bueno contigo.’ I say, ‘Get me my water bottle.’”

RHS student Sam Brown is credited for starting the hydroflask phenomenon at Ripon. Brown first started using the hydroflask a couple years ago.

Brown said he started using the hydroflask because he “hates drinking luke warm water.”

When asked if he believes whether or not he started the trend at RHS, he said, “Yes I do. I feel like people followed in my footsteps.”
Students have also found it enjoyable to collect stickers from places they’ve visited or simply buy ones that they find amusing and put them on their water bottle. One student said, “The more stickers the better.”

Although there are numerous benefits to the insulated bottle including keeping your water cold for days, the price has kept many individuals from buying the expensive product. Many people believe that it is worth it to spend the $50 dollars in order to prevent luke-warm water, while others would rather spend their money on other things.

RHS students have spoken that the hydroflask is the new hot and trendy item to have. If you don’t mind spending a bit of money for a thermos, the hydroflask is the water bottle for you.





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It’s Just a Water Bottle!