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Wildfires are going wild in California

Aubree Pelon, Journalist

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A California wildfire taking place in Santa Ynez, on July 8, 2017


Wildfires in California have been occurring in multiple parts throughout, causing many disasters recently. On April 20, the first fire was found in Fresno, California. From there it all started going downhill with fires popping up everywhere from Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Ventura, the list continues with a total of 8,777 fires.

Nearly 1,371,454 acres have already been completely burned down to the core in California. These fires have taken many homes, businesses, schools, belongings, and even families. Over nine billion dollars of property losses have been insured just from fires in October.

As of October, it has been finalized that 42 lives have been taken by these fires. One can only imagine how much those numbers have increased within just months. Death tolls are rolling in higher than ever now, with the Thomas fire, which started in Ventura, California. It started on December 4 and is still being monitored closely. It’s officially now the second largest fire taken place in California history.

These fires are being caused by a very dry summer and hardly any vegetation at all in the state of California. These dry fields and mountains create great fuel for fires to began to burn with just a blink of an eye. In those empty fields and mountains have contained trees, which these fires have estimated with consuming already at least 102 million trees.

Don’t be surprised if the fires continue to join us in 2018 as well. Fire departments and the state of California are hoping to have all the fires contained and in control by the end of January 2018.


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Wildfires are going wild in California