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A McWin for Ripon High Students

By Abby Pendleton

Abby Pendleton, Journalist

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The McDonald’s corporation held a contest called “The Last McRib Contest” and those who entered it were supposed to create a video that expresses their love of the McRib.  The contest began on November 6 and closed on November 27.  Two Ripon High students entered-and won- the contest.

Senior Isaiah Thompson and Junior Isabel Sweet both entered the contest together.  They created a music video that was centered around the McRib.

Social media helped the two students get their video out there.  Many at Ripon High saw the video that Sweet posted on Twitter and retweeted and liked it, causing it to circulate around the Internet even more than before.

“Ever since I was born I knew I would be famous someday,” Sweet recalled.  “I never knew that it would be through a McDonald’s contest but being famous is being famous so it doesn’t matter what for.”

She then continued to explain her reaction when she found out that she and Isaiah had won the contest.

“It was a normal Monday on December 12th and I got another DM [direct message]…when I saw McDonald’s was the one who messaged me.”

The prize for winning the contest is a trip to Chicago, along with hotel accommodations.  The two will also get to go to McDonald’s headquarters where they will be served the last McRib sandwich.

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A McWin for Ripon High Students