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Battle of the Ripon Rivals

Ripon High vs Ripon Christian

Gracyn Taylor, Journalist

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The Ripon High Girls’ Varsity Basketball team made their way to Ripon Christian on January 18 of this year. The Ripon High girls added another win to their so far undefeated season over the RC team, with a score of 50 to 43.

The opposing team gave competition to the girls and it wasn’t an easy game to go into for them as they did not know what to expect from RC.

“I expected that is was going to be a touchy game because when it comes to league, your record means nothing. Every team is going to play you well because they are our rival”, Senior Savannah Clark said.

The coaching staff was also weary of the game, but was happy with the overall outcome.

“I thought we started the game off really well. We had a big lead early, but RC did not quit and they kept playing hard and we had a couple spots where we turned the ball over allowing them to catch up, but overall it was a nice win and anytime you can beat someone in your league, it is important,” Coach Rick Interbitzin stated.

However, the team went into the game prepared and ready to play hard against their Ripon rivals.

“We expected RC to be good, but I knew our team would do well. Our team kept playing aggressive which helped,” Junior Mikayla Van Lewen stated.

Interbitzin hoped for the best during the game and knew that his girls would have to leave everything they had out in the court in order to dominate.

“I was hoping we would come out ready to play against RC. They are a really good team and if we are not playing well they could beat us,” Interbitzin said.

The girls who are 8-0 in league and 18-3 overall, had some memorable moments during their game as they recall. Including Sophomore Reina Sausedo who had a total of 23 points with an 88% free-throw average during the game.

“I had a play where I did a spin post move that I thought was memorable,” Van Lewen also stated.

Coach Interbitzin is looking forward to finishing off a successful season and hopefully gaining the TVL title.

Interbitzin stated, “I am hoping we can win our next four games to win the TVL Championship and make the playoffs. It’s going to be tough but hopefully our girls come ready to play every night. We need to work on our defense and our rebounding. I think we do a good job playing together and it has shown in our games.”

The girls worked hard and went into the game ready to dominate over their hometown rivals and they are looking forward to continue their undefeated season.

Clark stated, “I think that we played fairly well, we kept our energy up the whole game and we ended up winning which is always good!”.

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