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The First Annual Art Gallery Preview

Rachel Sausedo

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The first annual “Gallery of the Arts” will take place on March 8 in the multi-use room.  This special event will hold art pieces that have been created by the students as well as a performance by the choir students.   During this event, students in the music and art departments will be able to show off their skills to the community and represent Ripon High.

Maria Soto, who is a member of choir, stated, “The goal behind starting the art gallery is to allow Ripon’s community to see the art and music department more.  In the past, neither department has been a large presence on campus, and the art gallery is a huge step closer to having the arts more involved at school. The gallery is also including some work from the photography club and possibly the creative writing class on campus.”

This poster representing the first annual art gallery was created by the students at Ripon High School.

Not only will this event demonstrate the talents that students at Ripon High possess, it will allow both the art and music departments to have a voice and be well known in the community.  Their involvement in the first annual Art Gallery will allow them to make that happen.

Parmveer Masuta, an art teacher at Ripon High, stated, “The art exhibit will be beneficial for students at Ripon High School because it will give them a chance to see what my classes are all about.  It will help students gain an interest in taking an art class whether that be Art 1, 2, 3, or Digital Art. In addition, it will give my students a chance to shine in front of their community with their art.”

Not only will the community get to view the art created by the students and watch the choir students’ performance, but current or incoming students will get a better look at what the art and music departments are all about and gain interest in these classes that are offered at Ripon High.

“I’m expecting a good turn out for Ripon High’s First Annual Art Gallery and I’m looking forward to seeing all the work that the Art students have created,” Soto mentioned.  “Also, there is going to be a guest doing a live art show as well as live music that will be performed by the music department.”

Come visit the art gallery on March 8 in the multi-use room at Ripon High School where students will showcase the art that they have created throughout this school year and put on a performance during the night.

Geoffrey Felver, the choir and band teacher at Ripon High, stated, ¨I hope we have a large crowd in attendance and that the community realizes how talented our artists are at Ripon High.  Art is never showcased here at Ripon High and I hope this art gallery will create more art awareness.¨


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