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Texting and Walking Fails

Lexi Hyer

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  1. Tala Tinsley, a student at South Caldwell High School (NC) said, “One time I was at a hockey game and we were sitting in the 3rd row and I was on my phone and people were yelling at me to look up and when I did a hockey puck hit me in the forehead.”
  2. Abi Jindra, a student at Ripon High School said, “Alright so one time I was walking and looking at my phone and I tripped and fell over a curb while I was walking across a parking lot and I was carrying my backpack and my volleyball bag and they were both super heavy so they weighed me down and a car was waiting on me to get up but I couldn’t lift both bags at the same time so it took me a good 3 min to get out of the way and the lady in the car was just sitting there waiting.”
  3. B’Elanna Morris, a student at Ripon High School said that one time she was texting and walking and ran into a clear glass door.
  4. Matt Hix, a student at Ripon High said one time, while he was walking to lunch, he was on his phone, not paying attention and ran into a stop sign and cut his head.
  5. Allison Moren, a student at Ripon High said, “So one time I was walking home from summer school and this family with this cute wagon with two kids in it I was looking at them smiling, trying to take a picture, and I tripped on the sidewalk and fell on the ground scraped and blood everywhere, the dad was trying to help me up but I was so embarrassed I wanted to just leave ASAP.”
  6. Isaiah Reyes, a graduate student of Ripon High said, “One day I walked into the wrong class, and talked to a stranger because I didn’t realize my friend moved because I was on my phone.”
  7. Carli Hyer a student at Ripon High said one time she was texting and walking and looked up and before she could realize, she ran into a pole.

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Texting and Walking Fails