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Is Tea Time’s Boba for the Books?

Nimrit Hayer, Student Life Editor

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Recently, talk about boba has been everywhere. To become a part of the boba fans, I decided to give Tea Time a try, which is one of the closest boba places to Ripon. My first time trying their boba was great because I enjoyed my drink and the atmosphere present there. Overall, I will definitely return to Tea Time due to their customer service, atmosphere, and variety of drinks and flavors.

As soon as I entered Tea Time, I experienced a pleasant ambience. The boba shop had an extremely cute interior. The color scheme of green and white brightened the shop. There were also many cartoons/paintings all over the place. Art of white pandas sitting in green grass added to the presentation of Tea Time.

Compared to all of the other shops surrounding Tea Time, Tea Time definitely had a more appealing appearance. It had color that made it pop out and a more modern look, which set it apart from other businesses. Even though the neighborhood and area it is located in is not the safest or most appealing, Tea Time’s colorful and appealing presentation makes up for it.

Tea Time’s customer service was also helpful and polite. It was my first time there so I was not entirely sure as to what to order, so I asked for the employee’s recommendation. She nicely recommended the mango popping boba instead of the strawberry popping boba. She had a welcoming presence, and we also got our boba in minutes, which also exemplified good customer service.

At times, shops can lack in providing a variety of flavors or options, but Tea Time does not. There are three drink types, which then each offer many different flavors. There is milk tea, flavored tea, and snow. I tried the snow because it has a thicker and icier consistency than the other two. There are also different flavors of the boba balls themself, which can be popping or jelly, such as strawberry, mango, and more. For each type of boba, there are fruity flavors as well as dairy flavors. I tried the mango snow, while my friends had peach snow and coffee snow. Along with boba, Tea Time also offers items such as calamari and other snacks.

The only downside to Tea Time was that the A.C. was not on or working when we went, so it was extremely hot there. Although the decor, customer service, and boba distracted us, the heat was still present, which is something Tea Time could improve on. Overall, I really liked the boba because it is very different from American tea, what can be found at Starbucks, so it gives us a choice to change up our drinks and try something new and delicious. Before Tea Time’s boba, I had only tried the boba served at the mall at a Thai place, and I had not liked it. Tea Time’s boba changed my mind about boba, and I will definitely be returning for more

Tea Time is a great place to experience something new and delicious and to bring a change to typical American lives with typical tea. Tea Time’s pleasant ambience, polite customer service, and the many choices and flavors for boba will attract all types of customers. After hearing about all of the good things others had to say about Tea Time, I had to try it out. All I have to say is that I am now a boba fan and a Tea Time fan, and I definitely recommend it.

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Is Tea Time’s Boba for the Books?