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Lightroom Classic CC: A Review

Abbi Kissee

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Adobe’s photo editing software Lightroom CC Classic is a great Mac or PC tool for photographers of every kind. As a beginner level photographer, I would highly recommend making an investment in this program if you are hoping to make photography your paid job or even an important hobby in your life. The newest update to the software (CC Classic) provided users with an improved carousel and the discount for students makes it a great option for younger photographers beginning their journey in the industry.

The newest version of the software was highly recommended by experienced photographers and editors all across the internet. The feature that received the most attention from the supporters was the improvements that Adobe made to the carousel which made it easier to use and faster to move across all your photos. The new update also included new access to tools with Adobe Raw, which allows for greater control over the editing process of Raw images. CC Classic also moved some of the most frequently used tools to an easily accessed location: the basic panel.

When it comes to purchasing the Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe has many options you can choose between. For students, high school and college, they offer the entire creative cloud for only 20 dollars a month. This is such a great deal for students who are hoping to go into a career in photography because it gives them great exposure to the type of software they will be using while not having to spend the regular 55 dollars a month for nonstudent users. Adobe also offers a photography only option which is only ten dollars a month and gives you this version of Lightroom bundled with both the mobile version of Lightroom and Photoshop.

Compared to the editing apps you can purchase from the app store, Lightroom CC Classic offers a far more in-depth control of how and what you are doing to your photographs. The Adobe Raw editing also allows for a more dynamic range of alterations you can make to your photos. iPhone and Android apps like Facetune which is available for a one time fee of $2.99 on the App Store and Snapseed, which is free, allow for a much more limited range of features. Although both these apps have many of the same features as Lightroom CC Classic, they do not allow for nearly as much manipulation.

If you have plans of expanding your photography business or you are looking to get a headstart in knowing the programs that the industry uses then Lightroom CC Classic is an investment worth making. You will be able to find free presets online as well as craft your own and possibly sell them in the future. If you are simply taking photos on your phone and are looking for a quick and easy way to edit them, then I would recommend sticking with Snapseed and VSCO. Those two are free options that you can get on your phone that will make your simple photo projects better. However, if photography is your future career, make the investment now that will drastically improve your chances and experience in the future.

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Lightroom Classic CC: A Review