One Tribe: Nice Haley Meece’s Paradise

Kevin Valdez, Journalist

Haley Meece working on her laptop on May 22, 2018.

What can be said about Ripon High School junior Haley Meece? Well, for starters, she’s one of the most kind-hearted and determined students on and off school campus, and that’s why she makes a name for herself as part of the tribe.

Meece’s first years at Ripon High were pretty interesting, having taken part in the A Capella Club as a freshman and sophomore before it disbanded and joining the Encouragement Club last year. She’s also been involved in the Drama Club since she arrived, serving as its president as she wraps up her junior year.

However, she thinks getting involved with the tribe is hard for her because it’s difficult for her to put in the right amount of effort for what she does.

“I really enjoy getting involved with things I feel passionate about and sharing those experiences with people that I care about,” she later said. “I take things as they come and try my best to do the greatest that I can given the circumstances.”

Meece hasn’t always lived in Ripon. For two years she lived in Manteca and moved to Turlock shortly thereafter. She attended Carroll Fowler Elementary over at nearby Ceres with two other students then also went to Ripon High until she moved here, attending Park View Elementary when she was about 13. Meece still has fond memories of her early childhood.

“I had a little group of friends that I spent most of my time with and I’m still friends with most of them today,” she said. “Looking back at it, I laugh a lot because we were crazy like kids are, so it was really good.”

Throughout her spare time, Meece likes to make videos with some of her friends, write, draw, and watch a lot of videos on YouTube. She also does archery, but it’s mostly for fun.

“It takes a lot of practice, but usually I hit the target,” she stated.

Meece’s favorite school memory so far is the Washington, D.C. trip she went on with the school band because she got to spend her time there and make a bunch of memories with the people she cares a lot about. In addition, she wants people to view her as somebody who wants her help or to talk to her so that she can be there for everybody and make their experiences better.

Haley Meece is also keen to give advice to anyone.

“You’re gonna hear it all the time, but get involved,” she said for incoming freshmen. “Do what you want to do and be great at it. Give everything your best effort and never give up.”

When asked to give a final message to the seniors who are graduating, Meece responded with “I’m gonna miss you a lot. I’ve enjoyed making memories with you and I know that you’re gonna do great things.”