One Tribe: Soto’s Story Isn’t so Sad

Aubree Pelon, Journalist

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You’ll see her around the halls, smiling and always living life to the fullest. She continues to stay positive throughout the difficult times and strives to better herself. She’s arguably the most passionate and outgoing female in this school. I have news that might be surprising to you. Would you have ever thought that she’s been through rough patches in her life? Maria Soto is just like any other teenage girl here at Ripon High School, however, she has a story.

Soto soaking up the sun, positive as ever

Maria Sotto had no idea that at the age of two-years-old that her life would be changed forever. She was put up for adoption after being born in 2002. Her birth parents had to make this decision because of health issues they faced. Through connections and family friends, Soto’s adopters overheard she was in need of a home and felt that she was meant to be for them.

“When I first met her I was like “Mom?” to this lady I’ve never met before, but now I call her Mom every day”

Everything happened for a reason Soto and I discussed. The adoption process worked out smoothly and everything seemed to fall into place.

You’d be surprised as to how this huge part of her life doesn’t affect her. Due to this all taking place at such a young age, she feels as if this is where she belonged. The thought of not knowing where her birth parents are, or if she has any siblings doesn’t even seem to bother her.

“I’m content and happy in my life”, Soto says with a smile.  “It’s not like a huge impact on me, like I know it was a thing, but it doesn’t feel like anything has changed me.”

This school is honestly such a big part of my life.”

— Maria Soto

Life must go on of course, which is why being involved in so many activities is helpful. Sotto has been active with ASB Leadership throughout her high school journey, plays tennis, enjoys studying, journalism and loves working with music. School has impacted her life tremendously and is a huge part of her life. Even when work isn’t properly assigned to Soto, you will still find her working hard in her free time, passionate as ever.

“This school is honestly such a big part of my life. I’m never not here or not doing something apart of school,”

With everything that has been thrown to Soto, even if it was just at the age of two, her passion and perseverance continue.

“I love my life. I’m living a really good life right now. I have so many doors open for me right now. Everything is coming into place for me right now”