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Abigail Thompson
Abigail Thompson (Abby) is a sophomore at Ripon High. She is involved in clubs at Ripon High such as Girls League, Pre-Med Club, and CSF. Abby is most excited to be in Journalism to make new friends in the class and interview students/teachers she has never met before. Abby is also excited to get the opportunity to write and inform about the many events at Ripon High! One activity Abby is looking forward to this year is Homecoming. Abby loved homecoming and the energy that came with it her freshman year and hopes to get to experience the same with her sophomore year. After high school, Abby’s main priority is to get into a good college. She hopes to get into a college somewhere near the area of Los Angeles. After college, Abby hopes to start a profession in the medical field. She is interested in either being a NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) or a PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) nurse. Abby hopes to change the world by spreading knowledge and kindness to others. She wants to put herself out there to the world and be as helpful as she can.

Abigail Thompson, Journalist

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Abigail Thompson