Can’t Hide Our Pride


Photo taken by Kiara Davis

Jenny Pfeifer , Journalist

School spirit is always shown at Ripon High. It is especially exciting to see the homecoming spirit week since it not only brings creativity out of people, but also shows school pride. This year, the homecoming theme was Ripon High on a road trip with every day being a different state or class color. The themes were Oregon/hippie/blue, New York/yellow, Florida/green, Texas/orange, and finally Ripon High’s sacred colors, red and white. 

For students and teachers at Ripon High, spirit week is an exciting way to grab funny and random articles of clothing out of their closets. It can also bring back fun memories, exciting time periods, creative outfit ideas, and more.

 “ I participate in the spirit week because it’s a fun way to show school spirit and express myself through dressing up,” says Freshmen, Brianna Alvarez.

For students who don’t usually participate in the spirit week or are embarrassed to, Mrs. Pendleton said, “ I think they should try it cause most of our dress up days don’t require getting anything new, and you even have the option of wearing the class color. So, even if you don’t have something for that particular day, you can still wear the class color instead to participate in that way.”  The more who participate, the better.

 Ripon High School did great in this year’s homecoming spirit week. The juniors won first place with 68 points, making the Seniors second place with 67 points, the Sophomores in third place with 66 points, and the Freshmen in last place with 48 points. In the end, Mrs. Pendleton said it best.

When you’re involved, school isn’t just a place where you come and leave everyday, but it makes you feel like you belong and that school means something besides just going to class. ”

— Mrs. Pendleton