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Winter Formal Proposals

It’s become a tradition at Ripon High School to ask your winter formal date in some creative, unconventional way. Here is how a few students proposed:

Tanner Jordan & Sarah Qualle:

Tanner Jordan asked Sarah Qualle to formal on a sunny afternoon by wearing a giant FLAVA FLAVE clock around his neck.  Attached to the clock was a poem that read “Time is wasting, so don’t make me wait, just say yes and be my formal date.”  Sarah Qualle then said yes to this genius proposal.

Kody Day & Kelsey Alexander:

Kody Day asked Kelsey Alexander to formal during Mrs. Valponi’s 6th period Creative Writing Class. Kelsey loves the  movie “Elf”, so Kody, Haylee Fannin, and Mrs. Valponi decked out the classroom with Christmas lights, paper snowflakes , stockings, and Ms. Wilks’ red and white Christmas tree. Students wore Santa hats, and Kody wore an elf hat. As Kelsey walked in, a JibJab video of Kelsey and Kody dancing was playing. Click below to see the video:

Kody asks Kelsey to formal

Edison Salvador & Jessica Pierra:

Eddison Salvador asked Jessica Pierra on a cold cloudy night at a Ripon High School football playoff game.  Eddison texted Jessica to meet by the benches by swimming pools and waited until she came.  When she arrived, he then proceeded to sing to her his proposal while looking deeply into her eyes.  After Eddison finished with his romantic song, Jessica gave him a nice warm hug and accepted his proposal.

Taylor Fugit & Alyssa McNicoles:

Taylor Fugit asked Alyssa McNicoles to formal by making letters of everything he was going to surprise her with the night before.  The following morning Taylor Doorbell ditched Alyssa’s house and left her a heart that said “Follow the clues”, which ended up leading her to Stouffer Park.  When she arrived, Taylor was holding a heart with a question mark, and then Alyssa said yes.

Brock Reinkie & Jordan Wall:

Brock Reinkie asked Jordan wall to formal one afternoon during our school lunch break.  He and Jordan walked to his house for lunch and as soon as they got there, Brock got down on one knee and asked, ” Will you go to formal with me?  I don’t do that fancy stuff.” She then said yes to his simple and sweet proposal.

Ryan Kirkpatrick & Kaitlynn Bradley

Kaitlyn Bradley had to take a statistics quiz one afternoon, but she didn’t realize that  Ryan Kirkpatrick had the quiz modified to propose to Kaitlynn.  The answers to the quiz spelled out his name, and then the fifth question read

“Look at the answers to the four multiple choice questions.”

The letters are the letters of my first name.  I am a young man who would like to ask you to winter formal.

YES/NO : Would you go to Winter Formal with me….Ryan Kirkpatrick?

He then waited outside with a dozen roses for her response. which of course, was a yes.

By Keaan Cummings

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