If You’re Not Green, Then You Must Be a Baby


Monday, January 27th, Ripon High School’s first spirit day of the second semester occurred. The dress up theme was the Freshmen color of green, or a baby like that of the candy Baby Bottle Pops. Many students participated in showing their school spirit

Gisela Martinez and Kassandra Martinez, twins, both agreed that spirit weeks are great; however, they did have one disagreement. “I thought seeing people dressed up as babies was weird,” said Gisela. Kassandra’s opinion was the opposite and she thought the┬ábaby part was “totally cool”.

Whether or not you dressed up for Monday’s green and baby themed day, you still have until Friday to join in and show your Ripon High spirit.

Hoku Lee shows her class spirit by wearing a green jacket.
(Photo credit: Gisela Martinez)
By: Jessica Ureste