Teacher Appreciation Week


Emilie Veazey, Journalist

Teacher appreciation week was this week from May 4 to May 8. With everything going on right now with COVID-19, students have had to get a little crafty on how to show appreciation to their teachers. People all over the world are finding new ways to show their appreciation for their teachers from as little as sending them a gift in the mail to going to their house and drawing motivating letters on the teachers’ driveways.

A recent report on KCRA News revealed kids everywhere were sending in videos of them saying thank you to their teachers. These kids were thanking their teachers for inspiring them, educating them, and even just being a good friend. KCRA then uploaded those videos on T.V. all week long.

“I appreciate you teaching me how to read, I appreciate you helping me and my mom during morning drop-offs, I appreciate you helping me do Friday morning walks,” said a student thanking her teacher Credits: KCRA 3

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Ripon High students were going above and beyond to show Ripon High teachers just how much we appreciate them. Students have been mailing gifts, drawing uplifting messages, and this one particular student wanted to thank them as close as in-person as she could.

“I’m gonna make pictures for all of them and show them over Email or Zoom,” said Freshman Brianna Alvarez.

Teachers do so much for their students on regular days, now with COVID-19 disrupting the normal, teachers have had to quickly think of ways to still educate their students properly. They deserve so much appreciation, but it has been tough for students to be able to express their gratitude.We as a community have been through some hard times but doing things like these have shown that we are strong and can overcome anything.  This has tested us in many more ways more than once, but we have to come up on top together.